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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Uh, well

my mind is so full and I am so tired that I really don't know what to document. Whether it be my boss's boss telling me to shut up after asking me a question and I get two words out of my mouth, or people complaining about who is fixing who's mistakes, or how my boss (who is the best I have ever had, EVER) is talking about bailing on assembly and going back to another division, or the 75 hour work weeks, or the possibility of not getting paid for any of it.

All I can say is BURNT OUT!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What is in a nickname?

I haven't posted in a while, life is just too crowded with things to do these days. Even with a week off, I could not be bothered to document the goings on that need to be shared and remembered. I suck.

Anyway, this tidbit is a few weeks old, but just begs to be put out there for others to laugh at. Whether that is me or Squirrel is yet to be determined; after life, I am married to him.

We've all had nicknames. Some are normal, like shortened versions of our name, our initials, perhaps even some go by thier last name to avoid the common name confusion. I have always been J, which happens to be the first letter of my name. I have also been stinky. don't. ask. It goes back to college and Squirrel's fraternity brothers being, well boys. Always making fun of those they liked or whatever.

This story is not about me, however. This is about Squirrel, who by the way got this particular nickname for his goal keeping dives flying squirrel or squirrel for short. Squirrel has been booger (the traditional Animal House fraternity reference, well that and the last name is a set up to end up being booger), he's been JP, and he is often called by last name alone. Recently he became helicopter man after an ADD episode I documented last spring. I refer to him as captain make shit up, since he always has an answer to a question. Whether that answer is right or not, well, you get the point.

Squirrel has acquired yet another nickname. Just before Christmas, he was working out at the gym and happened to have eaten a lot of garlic the evening prior. He reeked of garlic. The buddy he was working out with made reference to his vampire thwarting odor which provoked an odd response from Squirrel. He replied something along the lines of being a smellkeeper - some word he indeed made up about one exuding the odor of certain foods.

So Squirrel is now known as smellkeeper.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Unresolved Bits and Pieces

It has been a while since I posted. I am embarrassed to say that I have been doing nothing special just letting life lead me instead of leading my life. For some reason, the hustle of work and regular household junk has really bogged me down. Not necessarily in a matter of not having time to write, but mentally just being worn out.

The house is all but repaired from the car incident finally. What a pain! The insurance companies acted as if we ASKED the guy to drive into our house so that we can have patchwork brick and sod to accompany our bushes that now resemble a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Good grief people, all we want is to have the place look like it did before the big bad Dodge Durango launched the gas meter across the yard.

If that wasn't enough to deal with, Squirrel can now consistantly beat me at bowling. You know the competitive blood inside me just boils and steam shoots out of my ears every time he outperforms the veteran bowler that I am ashamed to be. The worst part is he usually manages to do so half lit.

Work has been full of emotional havic too. Had a worker fall out, actually stop breathing, and another save him. An experience for the books, not one I enjoyed so to speak in the moment. However, seeing the number of heroic acts that day, the way it brought the entire team together and all of the petty bathroom break bull shit fell to the wayside. He is fine too by the way, they never found anything wrong with him other than some minor blockage.

Took a trip home for Thanksgiving. Bear is preparing for divorce, so we antied up with a full dose of family for Turkey day. She and my two nephews have moved into this adorable little townhouse. No more Useless, who has proven to be even more so than ever dreamed. The boys seem to be adjusting well, but will require some reprogramming and true dicipline. While at home we also got a chance to catch up with an old friend, CB and meet her man, Ben. Had a great time and had to keep this little jaunt hush hush from my mom. That would not have gone over well.

There is not really much else going on, no excuses for lack of updates other than laziness and procrastination. Haven't much been in the mood to write, etc.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

"You spit on my boobs!"

Last night was, well, interesting. Some people should not be allowed to inhale the fumes of alcohol.period. Squirrel was at one point dry humping said redheaded drunk girl to the tunes of the dueling pianist's rendition of what I remember to be GNR Sweet Child O'Mine. What a missed photo *ahem*bribery* opportunity?! It was entertaining, but I am paying the price today. No, not hung over; smoked over. My sinus infection riddled head is reeling from the exhales from curly crazy redheaded drunk girl.

I almost forgot the best part. Crazy drunk redhead was constantly lifting her legs to play air guitar or whatever - she did have great shoes, even CB would be jealous of them. Anyway, at one point she leaned over and smothered her friends chest. repeatedly. The end comment was, "You spit on my boobs!" Which provoked two things, a story about wonderbras I did not need to hear and redhead pulling her shirt down daring her friend to spit back. She did.

Some people need not drink.

Michigan vs. Ohio State party today, definitely taking the camera.

Monday, November 06, 2006

On things happening in three's

If I didn't know better, I'd swear today was Friday the 13th...

So far today I have lost three employees.
1-her husband's eyes swelled shut after taking a medication he's been on for years
2-went into labor this morning and on last report is 6cm dilated and is about to have her water broken
3-fainted on the filthy plant floor while the medical team was trying to move her to their cart. This resulted in having a full size ambulance brought INTO the plant in order to take her to the nearby hospital.

The good thing, everyone seems to be okay. Chaos is definitely not in control here today.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Princess Clairebell requested (read demanded) an update, and well I see it has been a while. My how time flies while you are working your ass off. Since it has been so long, a synopsis of the past month will follow.

  • Our house has been repaired from the great car crash. I say repaired and not fixed, because the brick work does not match the way I had hoped. It is VERY close, but I just have an eye for little differences in color and such. Luckily, the worst is at the bottom on the corner so it is barely visible now and during the month or so where there are leaves on plants in Michigan, it won't even be visible at all.
  • Squirrel's coaching season ended today, yeah! Now we have a 2 month break from weekend soccer marathons before it starts back up again. Three teams is a lot, they all did well and improved. Yet I am happy I can actually find some quality time with Squirrel.
  • Daylight savings time has kicked my rear end this year for the first time ever. Waking up at 4:00am likely does not help, but I feel like a nocturnal creature since we fell back. The minutes of daylight I see are typically on my drive home.
  • I have not even started my Christmas shopping this year. For those of you who know me well, this is unheard of. I am usually completely finished by Halloween. I foresee lots of crowded parking lots in my future.

That's about it for the recount, nothing exciting here. Perhaps that is why there have been no posting moments.

I do have to say a few words about Gray's Anatomy this week, which was by far the best show I have seen in quite some time. My personal favorite moment is the eureka moment George has when reading Noel's chart and discovers she has two uteruses, or uterui, as he coined them. The curve ball is that there is humanity found in Kerev as he recounts a boxing match in the OR to calm down the second and still premature baby. Christina is in WAY over her head, Bailey is doubting herself and her place at Seattle Grace. McBitch was definately a nice treat, good to know all families, even TV ones, are not perfect. What a great show!

To bad I have to tape it in order to see the ending.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Seven Dwarfs

I have felt like each and every one of the seven dwarfs in the last 24 hours. How sad is it that I can relate my life to a Disney movie in this fashion?

Happy - I literally skipped to my car this afternoon. No.idea.why, just acting like a seven year old child happy to be going out to recess. I need meds or something.

Sleepy - Worked 6 days last week, Mon-Sat total of 56 hours. Boo, hoo for me, but the check will be XL and that is good. But all I took a 4 hour nap yesterday and a 2 hour one today.

Dopey - Told the same guy about the same issue THREE times, after the second he looked at me like I was nuts. After the third, he just laughed at me. MORON day.

Sneezy - Sneeze fest at work today. At least 5 times I started to talk to someone and went into sneeze convulsions. If you've never seen me sneeze, it is a sight. Every part of my body participates in the sneeze event, and they usually come in three's or fives. Today was a five day. Urgh.

Grumpy - All morning, not even coffee would eliminate the grumbling mood this morning. This is not typical, even though I get up at 4:00 every day, usually by start of shift at 6:00, I am over the morning grumps. Not today.

Bashful - This one is a stretch, but I have a new employee, I forgot her name twice. I could not for the life of me remember it this afternoon, so I just didn't talk to her until I could check my roster. How sad is that. I almost never have a problem with names, but the woman's name is Burnadette, and she is a 4ft nothing in her late teens, the name does not fit the image. Couldn't bear the embarrassment of asking a THIRD time in one day for her to remind me of her name....

Doc - Based on Sneezy, a SINUS INFECTION is definitely looming. Too bad I have no drugs to counteract it and I will have to make an appointment. Damit Squirrel, beat me to the Amoxicilin again!

Based on this, I am not sure if I need a padded cell or a day off.

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